Make the most of your business

Being part of Wotika´s family, every seller can offer his stocks in, so thousands of customers may see your products immediately and buy them easily. We offer you visibility, introduce your brand, win competitively and the maximum security and protection against fraud at any point of the sales chain.

If you work with us, you will still keep the control of your business at hundred per cent. Actually, you will be able to modify your stock information file any time, so you can add, modify or remove any product. Like this, customize your data product. Wotika will differenciate your products in the appropriate category so that potential customers can find you easily in their searches.

How does it work?

It is very easy to sell in Wotika. We are going to explain you briefly what you have to do.

You have to activate an account as a seller in Wotika

In order to register, it´s necessary to indicate your company data and other bank details. Don’t forget to highlight the name of the contact person.

And the best of all…it’s for free.

Enlist your products in our website.

Once you become a member in Wotika, the next step is to use the load files or the Google merchant links, to enable your inventory in our marketplace.

We inform you of each sale

In order to send your product to your customer, you may use our logistics tools, or prepare and send the products by yourself. Once you have formalized a sale, you’ll get a notification with information about the sale in economic terms (money invoiced and seller deduction seller).

No limits on sales of your product

We don’t mind if you want to sell a lot of products or only a few. Every Wotika’s seller has the same rights when it’s time to sell, or use our logistics to launch his inventory online.

If my products are already in

If the products you want to launch are already in our catalogue, it will be enough if you send us their bar code and a file indicating the seller product reference, the seller, the price and the stock.

If my products are not yet in

If your products don’t exist in our catalogue, you’ll have to fill in a file that we provide you in order to publish this inventory with all necessary details to offer for sale.