What is Wotika’s Logistics?

We want to help sellers to expand their business all the world by The Internet. That objective is possible thanks to our logistics resources, our customer service and the reliability and speed in the distribution. First we receive your products, second we prepare them, and finally then we send it to your customer.                                                                   

Our logistics can be useful with any category of products in our marketplace, and it’s available for every seller who wants to test this service. You can test this tool; it does not mind if you sell in Wotika or not.  We neither have rates service establishment, nor additional fees: you just pay when you make a sale and for the services that you use.


How can you register in Wotika’s logistics?

If you are a new seller in Wotika, you have to register *to have a seller account. You can integrate Wotika’s logistics in the same register’s process. If you are already selling in Wotika , you can add Wotika’s logistics to your account here *, once you have accepted the users agreement of Wotika’s logistics . Then, you have to follow the instructions in the screen in order to complete the easy inscription process.

How can the customers identify your products, managed by Wotika in their marketplace?

The list managed by Wotika, shown in the search results as a “ Managed by Wotika”, so the customers know that Wotika is the manager of the preparation, the delivery, the customer service and the refunds.


How much is Wotika’s logistics?

The fees depend of:

• The type of product that you want to sell.

• The dimensions and weight of the object.

In Wotika’s logistics, we collect fees by the order management and by the inventory storage. The cost of the service is charged every month according on the daily average volume in cubic metre. In addition to the regular inventory storage fee, there is a semestral rate by way of the prolonged storage for all units stored for at least one year. See page price in Wotika Logistics *.


How do you charge for the use of logistics Wotika?

Every time that you have a sale, taxes are deducted from the total price that the shopper pays by the article. The remaining balance, which is deposited in your bank account, it can consult in the “Pay” section, situated in the “Report” tab in your seller account.

We send you an electronic bill once a month by way of the rates or other amount owed. Usually, if you have already sold in Wotika, we deduct the rates of the benefit paid in your “Sell in Wotika” account, and we will keep the rate expenditures of income that it has made.


Are there products not suitable for Wotika’s logistics?

Yes. You can find the full list here*.


Which are the delivery options available for the Wotika’s managed products?

The managed products by Wotika are managed as whatever Wotika’s product.


How can you register your products in Wotika’s logistics?

You should register your products in a questionnaire that we´ll provide you.


What else you must know in order to prepare your Wotika’s logistic products?

Each object that you’ll send us, must be ready to pack up and send. For example, the things must be packed up individually with protective material, as an extruded polystyrene or bubble wrap. Otherwise, Wotika reserves the right to give back your goods.


How must you pack up your goods for send to Wotika?

There are two options:

Individual objects: Each box containing one or more things in a different number and states.

Objects set: Every box’s things have the same SKU and the same state, and every boxes of the same object containing the same number of things. When we get that kind of delivery, the logistic centre scans a single box, and the box is added to the inventory.

Is no necessary to scan each single thing, because all are equals.

Note that the same delivery can not contain individual objects, and objects set at the same time. If your inventory includes the same modality, you will have to send them in different deliveries.


How can you create delivery labels?

To delivery of small boxes, you have to print the receipt and the delivery labels (one for each box) from the tab that we show you. You should put the receipt inside the box, on top of the things, in a way that it be clearly visible when it opened in the logistic Centre. The delivery labels, which should specify the destination and refund address, should be sticked outside each sealed box, with the Company label transport.

You’ll find sticker white labels in every office supply shop. Besides, you can buy it in Wotika.


Who is the responsible of the loss of a product, during the delivery to Wotika, or the damages that it can suffer?

The most of the transport Companies assume a limited responsibility in front of the loss or the damages made during the delivery. If your object results damaged, we suggest you that file a claim to your transport company. Wotika does not hold responsible about the damages produced during the delivery to the logistic centre.


Are safe your products in the Wotika’s logistic Centre?

Our facilities have a collection process, preparation and delivery highly automatic, which facilitate the fast and safety process of our seller’s order. We offer security 24 hours per day, and monitoring the orders in an automatic way.


Will Wotika refund you the loss or damaged object’s money in the logistic centre?

You must present a complain when that kind of incident happen, and Wotika will study each case in an individually way and with a maximum care.


How many time will spend to get the returned objects?

Usually, when you request to refund an object, spends from 10 to 14 working days in pick up, prepare and delivery.


How much receive Wotika for take away my products?

The refund or unregister inventory cost it will charge to your seller’s account. Consult our website to know the delivery’s and cancelled unities rate.


How is billed a withdrawal request?

You’ll receive the bill at X days from the withdrawal request.


When Wotika sends an article, how indicates to the customer that I’m the seller?

Your name doesn't show in the articles labels and neither in the delivery labels that customers get. However, your seller name could appear in the receipt delivery inside the box.


What kind of delivery uses Wotika’s logistics?

The kind of delivery depends on the option chosen by the customer.


Will manage Wotika every costumer’s enquiry associated with your Wotika’s managed products?

Each seller is able to manage his customers’ enquiries.


Does Wotika issue a bill with VAT to the customer?

We don’t issue bills with VAT in seller’s name. Is your responsibility comply with every legal requirement with the bills and the VAT, in the customer’s name in relation to your transactions. If you are not sure which are your fiscal responsibility on VAT, we recommend that you ask with your tax adviser or with a tax authority.

If you can’t issue bills with VAT, please indicate it in specific help pages of your seller’s account. For the already managed order and for the orders that you can’t issue a bill with VAT, you have to try to resolve privately with the customer. The solution can be, for example, to make a partial refund or a product refund.


What happen with the products refunded by the customer?

If the product isn't yet suitable to sell, we mark it as a not suitable for shipping in your seller’s account. If you don’t communicate to us in 90 days, what you want to do (if you want to annul of the article or if you want to get it back), we’ll decide it on our own.


Where is our logistic centre located?

Our facilities are located in Burriana, (Castellón).